September 4, 2018 0 comments

We do the best possible job of blending being environmentally friendly and running a new business in a country that has yet to put a priority on environmental protection . We separate our trash and recycle what we can, try to reduce our use of single use plastics. For plastic that can not be recycled  we use the "Bio-brick" method as a way to sequester plastic and keep it out of the environment. This means we take all of our non-recyclable plastic waste and stuff it into plastic water bottles. These bottles can then used as bricks for building wall or houses.

We use natural cleaners as must as possible, many vinegar, orange peels and water for our spray cleaners and water tea tree oil and bleech for floor cleaning.  All of other cleaners are selected to have as little perfume

 All of our organic waste is separated for composting or pig food .