A little about Hibiscus House

Hibiscus House Bali is small family run Eco guest house in Pemuteran Northwest Bali.

 We offer  a total of 6 rooms, four upscale villa style rooms all with open air bathrooms, kitchens, private terrace and 2 smaller  tratitional wood Joglos, a shared pool set in an extensive tropical garden. The Property is located on a quiet dirt road and is just minutes by foot to the beach for great snorkelling.  Bali Barat National park and Menjangan Island are less than 20 minutes by motor.   Several of Pemuturan’s best restaurants are a short walk away, Warung Merry’s, D’Bucu, Warung Santi and La Casa Kita.  The areas around the guest house has lots of open space for trekking, biking and bird watching or just stay in and enjoy our tropical gardens,  beautiful swimming pool and relax.


What we do to be eco-friendly


Natural cleaners for the rooms and common areas, we make our own cleaners from vinegar and orange peels, our floor cleaner is water a tea tree oil with a little bleach when needed.

Still working on sourcing a bio friendly laundry and dish soap.

Our light fixtures are at least 90% LED for energy efficiency .



We separate grey and black water and use some of our grey water for irrigation.

All of the rain the falls on our property is returned to the ground via 9 dry wells located trough out the property,

We collect water from the air conditions and refrigerators this water is use for orchids and other sensitive plants



Our garden provides habitat for birds and other native animals. We have seen the bird population more than doubled; and have several species that have nested for 3 to 4+ generation in the last 4 to 5 years.  Our fruit and flower tree provide much needed food.  We do not use pesticide spraying in the garden. All of our fertilizers are organic.  We compost 100% of our food waste on the property and have been doing so for 5 years now to improve our top soil. We keep three varities for chickens on the property as a form of natural pest control.  


For the guest

All guest rooms are supplied with glass water jugs that can be refilled by the guest at one of our water station.  We provide this service free of charge to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that are purchased by our guest.  Refillable water bottles are available for purchase so you can stay hydrated on the go.


We ask guest to use their towels and sheets for three days or longer (sheets are change every three days).
We recycle as much as we can.  All waste is separated, trash, recyclables and organic.
This year we started using the Bio brick method for sequestering single use plastics.
We provide reusable shopping bags to guest and staff, it is still very hard to eliminate the use of single use plastic.
We recognize that our Guest house is not 100% green, that’s why we use the classification of Eco-friendly.  This is an involving process for us.